2018 Pools and Rules

Thank you for registering to play in the Duk Duk Daze Coed 4s Grass Volleyball Tournament.  This email contains some notes, rule clarifications, field map and pools.

Waiver: There are still many that have not signed waiver.  Please make sure all of your teammates have done it.  It’s simple to do the NCR online.  There is no charge.

Here is a link to register: https://registration.ncrusav.org

Few helpful hints:

*Make sure to choose Adult Player

***For participant role choose Event Membership

Pool Play:

4 team pools will play 2 games to 21 (cap at 21)

5 team pools will play 2 games to 15 (cap at 15)

Teams ranked in pool by wins.  Tie breaker +/-, head-to-head, then coin flip. All teams will be seeded for brackets using pool finish; wins; +/-; coin flip.

Play BEGINS at 9 a.m..  Please warm up before the first match, so it can begin at 9.  Penalty of 2 points per minute for teams not playing by 9:05.  Check in will start at 8 at the middle of the soccer field.  Please turn in your waiver there if you didn’t complete online and pick up your shirts (for those that registered in time to get the shirts).

Warm Up Time:  Please keep on court warm up time to a minimum.  There is plenty of space in the park to warm up before your match.  Weather related delays can easily happen this time of year, so let’s keep things moving in case of we need to delay for a passing storm.

Playoffs:  Playoffs will begin around 3 p.m. with finals around 5:30 or 6.  Best of 3: 21, 21, 15.

A and AA will be combined for pool play, but will be broken into two playoff brackets – 8 in AA and 12 in A.

Two of the lowest seeded BB teams will join B teams for 7 team playoff bracket.

AA will have two rounds off between pool play and playoffs (not enough courts); A & B will have one round off.  Times will be listed on brackets, but may move up if things are ahead of schedule (or back if behind).  Please stick to the court number assigned as all (or most courts) will be used for the first 3 rounds.  After that there may be some flexibility to move courts. See attached court playoff schedule.

AA bracket will be the top 2 teams in the AA/A pool play.

A will be the teams that finish 3-5 in pool play.

BB will be split in to 3 brackets of 16.   Two of the lowest seed BB teams will be placed in the B playoff bracket.

B will be the B pool plus 2 teams that finish in the last BB spots in pool play.  Those BB teams will be seeded 1 and 2 in the B playoff bracket.


AA:    1st = $1,000; 2nd = $600

A:      1st = $600; 2nd = $300

BB1: 1st = $300; 2nd = $160

BB2: 1st = $200; 2nd = $120

BB3: 1st = $120; $60

B:      1st = $60

There is a team that would like to drop from A to BB.  Let me know if your team would like to move up and have a shot at larger payout.

Pools for DDD 2018

DDD – Field Map

2018 Division Playoff Courts Schedule

Location and Rule Clarifications