2015 Pools and Waiver

DDD Pools – July 18, 21015 | Liability Waiver

Thank you for registering to play in the Duk Duk Daze Volleyball Tournament.  This is our biggest yet with 64 teams!  This email contains some notes, rule clarifications, field map, pools and the NCRUSAV waiver form ​​ (they provide insurance for the event).  Please forward to your teammates.

Liability Waiver:
Please complete and bring to check in.  There is no membership fee, just fill out the highlighted areas, sign, and turn in at check in.

All matches are at Hidden Valley Park in New Hope:

Hidden Valley Park
8800 32nd Ave N
New Hope, MN 55427


Pool Play:
Pool play will be 2 games to 21 (cap at 21).  After pool play teams will be ranked according to pool finish and total points to place into a seeded bracket accordingly. Pools attached.

Play BEGINS at 9 a.m..  Please warm up before the first match, so it can begin at 9.  Penalty of 2 points per minute for teams not playing by 9:05.  Check in will start at 8 at the middle of the soccer field.  Please turn in your waiver there and pick up your shirts (for those that registered in time to get the shirts).

Warm Up Time:
Please keep on court warm up time to a minimum.  There is plenty of space in the park to warm up before your match.  Weather related delays can easily happen this time of year, so let’s keep things moving in case of we need to delay for a passing storm.

Playoffs will be best of 3; first 2 games to 21, last (if needed) to 15 switch side at 8.  No cap on playoff matches.  Playoffs will start around 1:30 with the final around 5:00.  We may adjust this if a storm passes through delaying play.  

Teams in Open (formerly Gold), AA (formerly Silver Upper), and B (formerly Bronze) playoff brackets will have around an hour between pool play and playoffs due to the courts being used for the first round of other brackets.  Please follow the schedule (times may vary) for playoffs since all (or most) courts will be used for the first couple of rounds to get in all brackets first rounds of play.  It will not help to play on an open court as other teams will have to finish their round before the next.

Open (Gold):    1st = $1,000; 2nd = $500
AA (Silver – Upper):   1st = $480; 2nd = $240
A (Silver – Middle): 1st = $240; 2nd = $128
BB (Silver – Lower):  1st = $128; 2nd = $64
B (Bronze):  1st = $64

This tournament is call your own.  Below are some rule clarifications to help call your own (or your teammates).  Please read and have your teammates read.

Setting is often the most controversial area. Basically, the ball cannot be double contacted on the second or third touch.  A set with no spin is usually judged to be legally hit, while a spinning ball often, but not always, is judged to have been double contacted which is illegal.  It is often hard to judge, but we’ll error to the side that a spinning ball has been double contacted, this a fault – other team’s point.  CALL YOUR BAD SETS or YOUR TEAMMATES!!!  

Any ball that is intentionally set into the opponent’s court must be contacted with two hands simultaneously (no double contact) above the shoulders, and set directly forward or backward in relation to the player’s body.  It absolutely CANNOT be doubled – that is a fault – other team’s point.  If I was on the opposing side and a ball was uncleanly set to my side I would simply catch the ball and throw it to the person up to serve on my team.

There are a wide variety of levels (especially in the Silver division), so please have some patience with beginning players – explain the proper technique.  Ultimately, we are all there to have fun playing volleyball!

Net Contact
Net contact is NOT ALLOWED.  Following Waupaca’s lead we believe that because the portable nets are not as stable as permanent poles and nets people should not be in the net at all.

Let Serves
NO LET SERVES.  A serve that hits the net will be a fault.  This is following Waupaca also for the same reasons as above.

Open Hand Tips
Open hand tips or push shots using fingers to guide ball are not allowed.  The ball must be hit using palms, heel of the hand, locked straight fingers, curled fingers, or the back of the hand.

First Ball Over including Serve
Double contact allowed on any first ball over.

All players are allowed to be attackers.  No rotation of players necessary, other than server.

No sweep blocks.  That would be similar to an open-hand fingertip shot.

No “Girl” Rule
Any combination of players may contact the ball before it is played over.  No rule requiring a touch by any specific gender.

None provided.  Bring your own ball.  Game will be played with whatever ball is agreed upon by the playing teams (typically Spalding KOB or Wilson AVP).  If there is a discrepancy, game will be played with the Spalding KOB ball (if available).

Reffing (Scorekeeping)
Call your own and keep your own score.  Call out the score before each serve.

Please call your own (or your teammates) violations.  Replay if necessary to settle dispute.

Food & Beverages
There are several local restaurants and Duk Duk Daze nearby – The Food Truck this year ran into a scheduling conflict. You are welcome to bring coolers with your own food and beverages.  New Hope does not restrict the type of beverages you consume in city parks (assuming you are of legal age).  Bring plenty of water!

Please clean up after yourselves.  The city will have some waste bins around the field.  Please make sure trash is not left on the field.  We are fortunate they continue to let us host this tournament in the park.  Let’s keep it clean so the tradition can continue