More Information and Rules

League and Tournament Communications

  • Directors will communicate to Team Managers or Captains via email and/or text regarding:
    • Changes to the schedule. These changes will also be updated on VolleyballLife.
    • Weather cancellations.
  • Team Manager or Captain will:
    • Update email address and/or mobile number as needed to ensure communication.
    • Relay pertinent league information to teammates.
    • Familiarize themselves with the rules and regulations to ensure teammates are following.
    • Ensure all waivers and agreements have been signed by team members.

Eligibility and Divisions

  • All players must be registered through VolleyballLife.
  • All players must read and electronically sign the waiver AGREEMENT.
  • Substitutions (subs) must be listed on the VolleyballLife roster.
    • Tournaments: during playoffs a player from another team in an equal or lower division that is no longer playing may sub.
    • Leagues: subs must play at least one regular season set to be eligible for playoffs.
  • Team Format
    • Men’s and Women’s Triples (3s): Three people play at one time. A team may play with a minimum of 2 players. 
    • Men’s and Women’s Quads (4s): Four people play at one time. A team may play with a minimum of 2 players.
    • Coed Quads (4s): Four people play at one time. A team may play with a minimum of 2 players. An equal or greater number of women to men must be on the court during play.
    • Open Quads (4s): Four people play at one time. A team may play with a minimum of 2 players. No restrictions on gender ratio.
    • Modified Open Quads (4s): Four people play at one time. A team may play with a minimum of 2 players. One player must be of the opposite gender.
  • Directors reserve the right to move teams and individual players into the correct division for their skill level.
  • Skill level is determined by historical division standings, tournament finishes, and/or on-court observation.
  • Division Moves in Leagues: teams that finish first in their division in the playoffs will be moved up a division (unless at the top). Teams that finish last in the playoffs of their division will be moved down a division (unless at the lowest division).
  • Based on registration numbers, we may merge divisions. This is to ensure teams who want to play have an opportunity to participate.
  • Playoffs may be split into multiple brackets if the numbers permit and/or if there is a clear disparity in the regular division or pool play standings.


Rule Adjustments

  • Officiating: No referees, officials, line judges, or scorers: sets will be self-officiated and scored. Call your own or your teammates faults.
  • Disputes: Replay if disagreement that cannot be resolved.
  • Forfeitures:  Teams must be present by match time.
    • If not present within 5 minutes of match start time, the first set is forfeited by that team. 
    • After 15 additional minutes the second set is forfeited. 
    • At 30 minutes of the match start time, all sets are forfeited. 
    • Teams arriving within the 15 minute interval may make use of whatever time remains for warm-up. 
    • NOTE: Please see league or tournament directors as soon as it becomes evident that a team is not present. Consult a director again prior to declaring a forfeit.
  • Scoring: Sets are self-scored by the players playing the set.
    • Server must call out the score loudly so that it is audible to the opposing team prior to serving.
    • End of set: Team Captains should agree to the score and enter it online.
  • Stoppage: Sets stopped by weather or any stoppage that play is unable to resume will not be played at another time. The score should be recorded at the time of the stoppage.
  • Let Serves: NOT allowed. The ball cannot touch the net on the serve. It is a fault if it touches the net on the serve.
  • Antennae: No antennae will be used. The post on each side of the net will be used as antennae.
  • Setting First Ball: During the first hit of the team if it is played overhand using fingers, the ball MAY contact the fingers/hands consecutively, even if the contacts occur during one action.
  • Setting Over: When the ball is set into the opponent’s court, the setter’s shoulders must be “Squared Up” or Perpendicular to the line of flight of the ball (forward or back).
    • NOTE: the set over must be a legal hit (no double contact)
  • Block Not a Hit: A blocking contact is not counted as a team hit. The blocking team will have three more hits after a blocking contact.
  • Substitutions Allowed: Substitutions are allowed on a limited basis. The player leaving the set must remain out the remainder of the set. All players must be on the roster and complete the electronic Agreement in VolleyballLife.
  • Court System: Park and Sun Spectrum Classic or similar net and court set up will be used.
    • Men’s and Coed will be set at the highest setting.
    • Women’s will be set at the height closest to 7’4-1/8”. 

Food and Beverage: 

  • You are welcome to bring coolers with your own food and beverages. 
  • Bring plenty of water! There is limited access to water.


  • Please clean up after yourselves. The city will have some waste bins around the field. Please make sure trash is not left on the field. We are fortunate the city allows us to host tournaments and leagues in the park. Let’s keep it clean so the tradition can continue.

Cancellations and Refunds:

  • Teams that cannot attend the tournament will be issued a refund if they do so more than one week prior to the start date. Refunds will not be given after the deadline for any reason.

Weather Policy:

This is a Rain or Shine event. Play will continue through inclement weather as much as possible. Player safety is the ultimate concern. If it’s necessary to stop play, the tournament will be delayed or postponed until conditions are suitable to resume play. It’s very important that all teams maintain communication with site directors so that games may resume in a timely manner. In the rare event that play is unable to be resumed the same day, every attempt will be made to complete the tournament the following day if field space is available and in playable condition. No refunds will be issued if the event is canceled or cut short because of inclement weather; nor will they be issued because a participant is unable to play on the rescheduled day.


Duk Duk Volleyball aims to create a welcoming environment for all players and spectators. Unsportsmanlike behavior is not tolerated; consistent reports of poor sportsmanship will be addressed by the League or Tournament Director.

Infractions Defined

  • Infractions are defined as but not limited to:
    • Use of profanity.
    • Persistent complaint about judgment calls by any player.
    • Abusive or profane language.
    • Inappropriate comments or gestures to individuals.
    • Leaving trash or other items on the fields.

Consequential Behavior

  • We reserve the right to warn, assess infractions on individual players, teams, and spectators.
  • We reserve the right to immediately eject a team member and/or a team or spectator for persistent unsportsmanlike behavior. The ejected person must leave the premises.
  • We will use our judgment on appropriate consequences which may include disqualification of the team and/or player for the remainder of the season and beyond; disqualification will result in the forfeiture of all fees.
  • If a player threatens any participant, bystander or affiliate with violence, the player will receive a lifetime ban from all Duk Duk Volleyball events and the team will immediately receive a 12 month ban from all events.


  • Medical Care: No on-site medical staff. Participants and spectators assume full risk and care for any injuries that occur while participating in the event.
  • Medical Insurance: No medical insurance provided. Please ensure you have coverage in case of any injuries.
  • Concussion and Traumatic Brain Injury (TBI) Information: CDC TBI Site and CDC Heads Up
  • Air Quality Policy: Air Quality Index (AQI) over 200 will result in a delay or cancellation of the event. Games will not be played until the AQI falls below 200.

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