Thanks 2013 Duk Duk Teams!

Thank you to all the teams and people that helped us out during the day – the weather was beautiful and competition was fierce! Congratulations to our winners this year:
1st place ($1000) – Fishsticks – Steve Mickelson, Kevin Nelson, Jen Bowman, Christine Tan
2nd place ($500) – Yeah Buddy! – April Peniata, Jess Granquist, Jeff Lindstrom, Ben Shamrokh, Ryan Gross

1st place ($480) – Bumpkin Bandits – Ryan Foster, Sam Huggett, Chris Ziedler, Kerry Daly
2nd place ($240) – BAMFs – Mike Kulzer, Nate Altendahl, ? , ?

Silver Lower:
1st place ($220) – MOXIE – Renee Lange, Aaron Lange, Paul Worwa, Jen Berg
2nd place ($120) – Take It Easy – Justin Brockman, Mitch Horkey, Kenzie Horkie, Abby Monson

Silver Consolation:
1st place ($100) – Kickin It – Caylee Woolever, Stephanie Groll, Scott Gokey, Jacob

A special thanks to Aspire Beverages for a taste of a great alternative to common sports drinks, and the Harvest Grill food truck for the fresh bites they were serving during the tournament. Stay tuned for some great pictures I will be uploading shortly!

T-shirt Deadline has passed!

Thanks to all those who registered early and took advantage of the free t-shirt offer! You will no longer receive free t-shirts withregistration but we still have plenty of room available for more teams! So keep registering and those super cool t-shirts will be available in limited quantity for a nominal fee on the day of the tournament.

Duk Duk Daze T-shirt Deadline tomorrow!

Just a reminder that free t-shirts deadline is tomorrow, July 6th 2013! This means that if you register your team before July 7th you will receive 4 of the super sweet Duk Duk Daze Tournament shirts included with your entry! After that – No free shirts for you!